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Opinion: Promoting better education, equal opportunity will help solve race issues
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In my opinion, conservatives and liberals want equality. In general, the difference is that conservatives want equality of opportunity. Liberals want equality of outcome. As one example, Republicans generally support charter schools. Democrats, not so much. 

In 2017, New York City’s Success Academy was 86% Black and Hispanic from the poorest part of NYC, according to a report on the academy’s website. I used 2017 information because I found more data about income and state support of SA. SA has been No. 1 in NY state in students who pass NY’s tests at or above grade level for several years. SA graduates’ more recent SAT average was 1268 — average!  A higher percentage of their students were accepted in college than graduated from their peer high schools. 

NYC Democrat leaders gave SA $14K per student. The next five richer predominately White N.Y. state schools were given $29K-40K per student. Thousands of poor Black and Hispanic kids are turned away from SA annually because of their political leaders. Skin color is not the problem. School quality is. It seems to me that NYC Democrat leaders prefer to keep poor people dependent on them than to educate them, just my take. 

Check SA out:

I feel confident our schools are better than NYC schools, but I hope our local parents, PTA leaders and elected education leaders will look at what SA is doing to help improve our public and charter schools. SA is not perfect but when thousands of kids have to be turned away, they must be doing something right. 

If Democrats, BLM and Antifa really want to help Blacks, they will promote better education rather than destroy cities. What am I missing? 

Mike McConnell 


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