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Opinion: Pondering the beauty of this world
Lake Lanier

As I move along in my eighth decade of life on earth, I meditate more and more on beautiful things. I have been greatly privileged to observe and contemplate so much of the beauty all around us. 

We think of mountains and plains, rivers, streams, lakes and oceans, the starry heavens above us, the beauty of great art and great music, the beauty of the musical scale, a minor 7th chord, great literature, the 23rd Psalm, the beatitudes of Jesus Christ, 1 Corinthians 13. We would never run out of beautiful things. 

The beauty of humanity in all our variety, marred and flawed but still beautiful. 

Pure married love, familial love, friendships, great feats of daring and endurance and courage. I could go on, but after much thought, I believe the most beautiful thing we will ever see in this life is a mother and her child. 

But, above all that, to see the eternal, infinite beauty of the one who created all this would be the highest ethereal, esthetic experience of all. It will take forever! (See Psalm 27:4) 

Jimmy Echols


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