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Opinion: Perfect storm has breached America’s boundaries
02012018 LETTER

Do you see that huge, ominous black cloud on the horizon? It looks unstoppable. Could it dissipate? Doubtful. It seems to be growing instead. 

The ground work of Hegel, Marx, John Dewey, President Woodrow Wilson, and cohorts has borne fruit that is, now, fully ripe. 

Over recent decades, academia’s professor ratio has moved from two conservative and three progressive to 1 in 13, according to professor John Ellis as quoted on “"Life, Liberty & Levin;" in actuality, one ideology and one party which, when competing ideas are not allowed, results in insanity as Ellis says in “The Breakdown of Higher Education: How it Happened, The Damage It Does, and What Can be Done.” 

We now have an entire generation of graduates who have been fully indoctrinated in anti-American, Marxist thinking. The chickens are coming home to roost. 

The Democrat party and media have propagandized a police scenario where any white on Black violence is claimed to be wholesale. At the same time, they totally ignore, or in some way excuse, Black on Black crime. For the June 20-21 weekend, crime was staggering in several large cities, including Chicago, with more than 100 shootings and 14 deaths including five innocent, Black children. 

The same indoctrinated generation has swallowed “systemic racism,” “white guilt” and “white privilege” hook, line and sinker and routinely kneels and recites an oath as directed by threatening activists. 

This same generation, with its anti-American and anti-capitalism sentiment, and their party of expediency (Democrats) are committed to the destruction of all historical artifacts, including digital media, as part of this cultural revolution. 

Academia has also indoctrinated their Marxist disciples with the religion of relativism, where absolute truth is not accepted. A byproduct of this is no accountability. If a group wants to occupy a portion of a city and set up its own controls, relativists accept their status no matter how intrusive on traditional citizens in and around the occupied territory. 

Globalist doctors, the NIH and the WHO managed to spread massive fear over the coronavirus. With that entrée and in concert with governments, they have conditioned the masses to lock themselves at home, wear masks and otherwise behave as directed.  

Under the guise of COVID’s spread, some states and cities have released felons, along with others jailed, onto the public. Too many have proven that humans behave according to their nature – they’re committing crimes and wreaking havoc. 

The so-called pandemic severely injured our economy. With today’s wars, at the superpower level, no longer conquest, religious or political but economic, the shutdown struck a mortal blow to the USA. With its strategic plan for world domination, China is standing by, licking its chops. 

What could possibly go wrong? 

Gary B Hulsey 

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