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Opinion: Our future depends on prioritizing action on climate change

I turn on the news and my heart bleeds for the displaced people both in Syria and our own West Coast. I listen to friends and pray for those who have lost loved ones or suffer from illness or betrayal, but these problems will come and go.  

There is only one threat we all face: Annihilation! The destruction of everything that supports human life on this planet: 

  • Our land: the soil that grows our food. 

  • Our water: the life’s blood of our food chain.

  • The very air we breathe! 

Am I being overly dramatic? Unfortunately not. It is pointless to distrust world scientists when they present the facts. Politicians may manipulate these facts to their own advantage, but they can’t change them:

  • Ozone depletion threatens us with ultraviolet radiation. 

  • Acid rain is affecting our food supply and our forests — the lungs of our planet.

  • Our aquifers are being drained. 

  • Our rivers and streams are polluted.

  • Our soil is no longer as productive as it once was. 

  • The rain forests are being destroyed.

The list goes on. You and I are probably not much affected. The grocery stores are still full. The lights are on — at least where we are. But what of our children? What are we leaving them?

You don’t know what you can do? 

You may not have the time to volunteer. You may not have the money to donate, but each one of you has a vote. You can demand that your candidate for office, any office, publicly recognize the problem and put it front and center in their campaign. No more denial. No more excuses. Our children’s lives depend on what you do here and now.

Joan O. King


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