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Opinion: Old Joe should move somewhere like history center
08272017 OLDJOE 0003.jpg
The Confederate Memorial monument, commonly referred to as, "Old Joe," is pictured on the downtown Gainesville square. - photo by David Barnes

I support the decision to relocate Gainesville’s Old Joe Confederate memorial to a more appropriate setting where it can be placed and appreciated in the correct historical context, such as the nearby Northeast Georgia History Center. 

Thoughtful people and people of good heart everywhere are finally realizing that monuments to those who once acted to subjugate other segments of our society should no longer be tolerated in public places, as their presence there does not serve the public good. 

Gainesville’s leadership has a real opportunity to demonstrate that it is a place of goodwill, harmony and tolerance, and exhibit love for all parts of its vibrant, diverse community. 

I join with the many others who strongly encourage them to rethink and improve the square so that it can be a welcoming place for everyone.

Judy Kreps


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