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Opinion: Officers should be fired if not doing their jobs properly
crime scene

If we were making the rules, officers of the law would be immune to criminal liability in all cases where the subject was killed while fleeing or resisting arrest. Job termination and prohibition against holding other (armed) law enforcement jobs would be the full extent of correction in such cases. 

If Derek Chauvin had been fired (as he should have been), following his altercation with Lamar Ferguson, then quite obviously he would never have killed George Floyd. 

Those who think that we intend to encourage the use of deadly force are jumping to foolish conclusions.

Also this: Why has there been nothing stated about what an officer is expected to do in a case where the subject is fleeing (either on foot or in a vehicle), seeing as it is fairly often that such cases are reported, with the officer shooting at the subject, sometimes fatally? 

Our verdict would be that any officer who uses a firearm outside the auspices of their training should be terminated. Their training, however, should not restrain them from using deadly force in defense of their own well-being.

Roger Corn


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