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Opinion: ‘National security’ often just used as government cover
The Pentagon

When our government shrouds itself under the privileged cloak of national security, how will you know it protects your rights, your health, your family and friends? How will you know when it isn’t lying to you, or perhaps has been for some time, about many things? And since it says it will tell you falsehoods to keep its secrecy intact as it keeps you free and healthy and well, how will you know the difference between its lies and its wisdom?

All the signs this industrial period comes to a sudden and dramatic close are here, in plain view. So we lock it down and collapse it all as slowly as we can to reap whatever personal power in the meantime. Corruption is rampant. Here and there, each of us learns arts of compromise within ourselves and with one another, or we learn to suffer endemic injustice for the last time. Genuine, uncompromising friendships are hard, but the durable ones are worth it, like a trustworthy and respectable government.

Now is our time to recognize: inner truth outwardly expressed matters more than ever, because we know we are just as nakedly exposed as our Emperor, and the measure we use to size him up will be the one held to us.

Charles Rozier