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Opinion: A message to the citizens and leaders of Lula

Be encouraged that you can carry out the plans that help our community be better. We can’t afford to remain silent if we hope to make our city better for everyone.

So go on to carry out your duties and don’t fear what others say because you will always be blamed by others. Please don’t dismiss the importance of this obligation. Don’t let anything keep you from accomplishing your goals.

What I and others in this city are concerned about is whether our officials have the foresight to address the important issues our city is facing. To that end, we citizens are going to question each candidate running for Lula City  Council about their ability to see and recognize the needs of our city.

We know you can accomplish the goals that will lead our city to the next level if you get rid of the negative thoughts and replace them with a positive attitude.

We feel that God has put you in this position to accomplish these things.

Mordacai Wilson