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Opinion: Media stokes fear, ensuring disaster
02012018 LETTER

The biggest enemy we face now does not run around with the banner of a nation, nor upholding any creed; it does not fight for race, religion or fatherland, but for power, greed and influence. 

The enemy we face does not govern with guns, swords or clubs, but with “opinion polls,” mass hysteria and brainwashing. This leads us to a slow, universal suicide of human reason and individuality. This enemy can turn criminals into saints and good people into the refuse of the Earth. 

It feeds the masses a steady diet of death, despair and decay. It sweeps news of the goodness of man into oblivion and thrusts evil actions into the spotlight day after day. Day after day does it also tell you what to think, and you accept it without question, without resistance. 

This enemy has the power to destroy our entire society by its words, like some divine fiat or command. If it warns of an impending crisis, it ensures that said crisis will occur. If it says, without proof, that society heads for disaster, it ensures this outcome by repeating this idea, over and over, feeding doubt and fear into the masses. 

This enemy, the media, has stolen your ability to think for yourself; it feeds you things to believe in, things to love, to hate and to fear. 

What “freedom of thought” is there when you will accept whatever the media tells you to? What “freedom of conscience” when they try to dictate good and bad and you believe them? Who the hell gave them such authority to begin with? 

I know that I did not, and neither did you, dear reader. 

The media ensures that society is kept in constant fear, constant hysteria, which ensures disaster. 

What happens when the media warns of shortages, for example? They trigger fear, causing people to gobble up resources, thereby causing shortages, be it of water, gas or even food. 

The media can turn people against one man and deify another. It is an institution concerned with power, not with the truth, or objectivity or impartiality, but with amassing power and raping the minds of the people to such a degree as to crucify all those who oppose it in the public square. 

The media professes a special creed: one of disaster, where no salvation is offered. This creed is professed by millions of Americans today, though they may not admit it. 

Shall anyone rise up to challenge this poisonous creed? Who shall risk heresy in the eyes of this cult and restore sanity? 

Those who wish to do so, can take a simple action: turn off your newscasts, burn your newspapers, be free from the grip of the self-ordained apostles of this creed. 

With this, we can restore true freedom: freedom from the media’s massacre of the human mind. 

Only then, can we truly be free; only then, do we truly control our own destinies.

Francisco Rosario