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Opinion: Local history aside, Jim Crow Road leaves bad impression
06272020 CROW 6.jpg
A portion of Jim Crow Road will be renamed in Flowery Branch, but it is so far unclear when the road sign will be replaced. - photo by Scott Rogers

I understand that the road Jim Crow will be up for discussion by the council to change its name to G.C. Crow Road because of awareness that its racial connotations are offensive. I totally support the name change. 

I am one of those “newly arrived” residents who find the name offensive.  

The thing is that the name on the road does not come with any written history or explanations under it. So, it is ridiculous to expect as this area continues to grow that everyone should know the history not to feel offended.   

I was horrified about the name when I first encountered it, which immediately gave me an impression of this area as being insensitive, to say the least. “This is the South,” I told myself when I first arrived, “What else can you expect?”  

Later on, I learned that my first impression was incorrect as I started to meet people in this area.  However, by that time, I had relatives and friends who visited and were just as perplexed and bewildered.   

If the upset about the name change is because the man being honored is in no way related to the segregationist Jim Crow laws, why not rename the road with his proper name, as it is being proposed.  

So, one has to wonder about the motivations of those who insist that the name remain the same.  Perhaps, it is just insensitivity, but perhaps there are other more small-minded motivations, because the impression one has driving through is one of racism, and very few drivers are going to look up the history of the name.  

So, it is time to change the name by doing both — honoring the community-minded G.C. Crow and making all residents and visitors comfortable at the same time. 

Carmen Gonzalez 

Flowery Branch 

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