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Opinion: Letter from Perdue, Loeffler will come back to haunt them
David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler

Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler continue to act as if they work for President Trump with their apparent shared goal of dividing our great nation by pitting its citizens against one another. The senators shared letter on the conduct of the Georgia elections is evidence that their motivation is not the betterment of our state or our country but solely the betterment of themselves.  

President Trump now faces a 0% chance of changing the outcomes in all four of the swing states he would need to put in his column to change the obvious result of this election. With Trump now out of the picture, Perdue and Loeffler continue to hitch their wagon to him as they proceed down the outgoing president’s “divide and conquer” path without regard to the fact that they are throwing gasoline on a fire that is already burning between the citizens of Georgia.  

Leaders, great and not so great, have used the tool of identifying a common enemy in the past. Ronald Reagan labeled the former Soviet Union “The Evil Empire”, called out Gorbachev by telling him to “Tear Down This Wall!”  In doing this he declared his policy and united all Americans against a common enemy. Another example of the successful use of this “common enemy” tool occurred in the early-mid 20th century. In this case the target was to give a portion of that European country’s citizens a “common enemy.”  

In this case the common enemy were other citizens of that same country. Donald Trump has chosen the latter and for some time has been uniting half of America by calling out the other half of Americans as the “common enemy.”  

The senators could have commented on the election and the questions around it in many ways that would have supported their goals and the need to perform a thorough review of the Georgia election results without continuing to foment division. Apparently, they are afraid of Trump’s thumbs and decided to disregard what is good for Georgia’s citizens.  

The senators joint statement on the Georgia election was the embarrassment to our state. The senators decided to make the secretary of state and fellow Republican, Brad Raffensperger,  the common enemy to half of Georgia. Perdue and Loeffler’s ability to drive a wedge between “We The People” rivals that of Trump himself. I am pleased that the secretary of state responded as the adult in the room.  

With this letter, the senators provided the tool for their defeat. Their statement will justifiably come back to haunt them both as they have obviously buckled under the weight of Trump, and like him, Perdue and Loeffler appear to be in it for themselves and not the people of Georgia. 

William Griffiths 


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