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Opinion: Legislators did not fairly draw new districts
U.S. Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Athens, gets drawn out of Hall County's District 9 and into District 10 in latest Congressional map proposal from Republicans in Georgia's General Assembly.

While the Supreme Court may choose to not address partisan gerrymandering, the people of Georgia did choose to address it in the limited ways available through our Georgia legislature. People went to hearings and stated their concerns. These concerns were ignored by redistricting committees when the process took place. They wrote letters which received a standard response but no action implemented as shown by the closed process and the published results. 

We asked for a fair representation in a state that is currently 50/50 representation of both parties, but the current districts for the U.S. House of Representatives is now a 64/36. Areas were redrawn that do not represent similar communities of interest, as an example with District 14 including a very liberal area of Cobb County having little in common with northwest Georgia. 

I am disappointed and angry at our legislators for doing little to put split cities back into one district. I am disappointed and angry that they have targeted two minority women by redrawing their districts to make it impossible for them to win. They have not fairly represented the current population of Georgia and are attempting to return to the past. I hope Georgians will join the fight to see all of us have a fair representation and voice in our government.

Mary Lasris