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Opinion: Kindness, awareness can lift millions from poverty

When we think about poverty, we often envision an image of some distant people in a time and place that have nothing to do with us in our immediate lives. And while it is true that in our hometown we are blessed enough to not have to face many extreme cases of poverty, that does not mean that our lives are not somehow connected to those living in poor conditions abroad. Continuing conditions of international poverty create the risk of producing more violent groups abroad that target other nations. Poverty also inhibits the American economy by limiting the markets that we have access to. 

I am an intern for the Borgen Project, a national nonprofit organization that encourages congressmen to support bills that reduce global poverty. 

From this experience, I have learned about the significant impact small actions at home can have for millions of people living without access to basic necessities, such as clean water and reliable sources of food. 

By simply emailing and calling our leaders, actions that take less than five minutes, we can influence our leaders to help those abroad that need support the most. These simple actions will have immense impacts on our country’s policies on uplifting those in unsafe conditions, thereby extending goodwill to others while also creating better conditions for the U.S. abroad.

Sofia Torres

Flowery Branch