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Opinion: Kemp’s wishful thinking won’t save us from virus or climate change
World Congress Center hospital
Gov. Brian Kemp takes part in a tour of a massive temporary hospital at the Georgia World Congress Center on Thursday, April 16, 2020, in Atlanta. Kemp took part in a tour of the 200-bed facility, constructed quickly in the lower levels of the Georgia World Congress Center which normally plays host to large conventions and sporting events. - photo by Associated Press

While visiting the temporary medical facility constructed in the World Congress Center, Gov. Brian Kemp said, “I wish the (coronavirus infection) peak was now ...” That quote provides a lot of insight as to how Kemp manages his responsibilities as governor. 

Wishing for things does not substitute for proactive leadership. Gov. Kemp apparently missed the WDW section on leadership — Wishes Don’t Work. Had he acted in a responsible manner in January he would not have to be wishing now, and much suffering by Georgians would have been avoided.

By wishing for things that are not possible, he fails to protect the citizens he governs. His wish makes me anxious about his position on the climate crisis. While there is overwhelming evidence that the climate of our planet is changing, he is apparently wishing that it won’t. 

He will learn that the climate crisis will be much worse than the virus crisis we face now. The virus crisis is biological, and we have tools to work to an end point in this crisis. The climate crisis involves dramatic physical changes to our environment — changes that no wishes, nor the technology we have available, will stop.

If wishes worked, I’d hope that Gov. Kemp would wish for real leadership skills.

Frank Lock


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