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Opinion: Kemp not acting in interest of people in Georgia
Kemp press conference
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp speaks during a news conference April 1, 2020, at Liberty Plaza across the street from the Georgia state Capitol building in downtown Atlanta. - photo by Alyssa Pointer | Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

Unfortunately, I have to ask this question seriously, but is Gov. Kemp an idiot? Or is he just kissing a— in the hope of getting re-elected? How are the businesses he says can reopen supposed to maintain a 6-foot distance? A hair dresser can’t stay 6 feet from a client. Nor a massage therapist. 

Virologists and epidemiologists at the WHO and CDC all advise against this. We have slowed the curve but we have not flattened it yet. Health organizations warned this country of an impending pandemic, and those warnings were ignored. 

I don’t want the governor to make the same mistake to curry favor. He knows, because his advisers have told him, and the CDC had told him, and the White House task force had told him that COVID-19 could be spread asymptomatically. Yet the governor pretended ignorance. 

Now, rather than ask that people endure a little longer, that they follow the suggested protocols, that they truly socially distance, Gov. Kemp is asking them to put themselves and their families at risk of disease and death because he is not strong enough to do what is right.

I can only hope that this folly wakes people up to vote him out.

Aimee Johnson


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