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Opinion: Kemp is expanding rural broadband
Gov. Brian Kemp
Gov. Brian Kemp

In a recent letter to the editor dated Sept. 20 from Judy Kreps, she opined that rural areas of Georgia are essentially left out in the cold largely in part thanks to our current Gov. Brian Kemp.

“Challenges that often we’re left to solve on our own.” In a nutshell, she claims that rural areas are lacking broadband access blocking folks such as businesses, students and job growth. 

Ironically, on Aug. 12, Gov. Kemp dedicated $240 million for a new program to expand high-speed internet and help close the digital divide. These funds will be made available through the Capital Projects Fund. By the end of 2022, the number of public funds that will go to expanding broadband access during Kemp’s administration will approach $1 billion. So unless the corner she lives in is under a rock I would surmise she is already enjoying high-speed internet or will be soon.

Ken Wright