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Opinion: Humanity seems at war with the Earth

Humanity is at war. 

We are not only at war with each other, we are at war with the Earth itself, and the Earth is beginning to fight back in earnest.  

Human causalities are limited. Individuals die. Families move on, but the environmental damage done by humanity can last thousands of years. Cleanup is passed on to the next generation and generations to come. 

I’ve listened carefully to those who question global warming. The climate has always changed, they say. The Earth has warmed and cooled before.  

It has, and we have evidence to prove it, but each change has been the result of something else. We don’t always know the cause. However, in the case of this period of warming, we have a very creditable candidate: the levels of CO2 in the planet’s atmosphere. 

I quote data from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California: 

This is the first time in human history our planet’s atmosphere has contained more than 400+ ppm of CO2 … not just in recorded history … but since the beginning of human life millions of years ago.” 

Floods, droughts, volcanic eruptions, polar ice melts, rising ocean levels — and the only candidate for president who has made the environment his top priority is almost unknown. Anybody heard of Tom Steyer? Look him up. He might just be the person who can bring our fractured country together.       

Joan King