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Opinion: Hall County needs more and better choices for nursing homes

I agree with Mr. Polak's letter Dec. 20 regarding the Georgia Department of Community Health's recommendation to publish ratings for assisted living facilities. 

Knowing more about the quality of service is critical when making a choice of where your loved one will live. Publishing ratings is an important step in improving choices for senior care in our state, especially with the growth in assisted living facilities. currently rates skilled nursing facilities, aka nursing homes. Four of the five homes in Hall County, and the only ones available to the public, are rated overall below or much below average. Sadly, our ability to choose a high-quality home for a loved one requiring higher levels of care simply doesn't exist locally. 

As our legislators consider regulatory changes in senior care, I urge them to also consider options that expand choices that will bring higher levels of care home to our deserving seniors. 

Carol Hanlon