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Opinion: Good luck, baseball players
Braves coaches
Atlanta Braves manager Brian Snitker, right, and bench coach Walt Weiss watch during an inter squad baseball game Monday, July 13, 2020, in Atlanta. - photo by Associated Press

Oh boy, I see the baseball players are getting ready for the new season. When they get a good hit at bat, they congratulate each other by touching elbows. I suppose the least amount of skin is their choice of not spreading the virus.

Apparently, they haven't seen “The Carol Burnett Show.” On Feb. 26, 1968, in the first year of the show and episode 23, Carol and Harvey come from outer space to check on the new "secret weapon" devised by the planet "earth."

In the interview they were asked how they make love, and guess how? They touched elbows!

Millions of us viewers were happily entertained by “The Carol Burnett Show” for its clean and very funny antics. The reruns are still running, and, of course, the shows are all available on the "secret weapon accessory," the disc!

Good luck this year Braves, we'll be watching your every move!

Roger Keebaugh


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