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Opinion: Goldberg not being fair to Fox News viewers
Jonah Goldberg

I am amazed at Jonah Goldberg’s recent column published in The Times, in which he ridicules “snowflake” viewers of Fox News. The viewers he says are on average 56 years old. Really? Old Fogies? Past their prime? Apparently, the viewers of CNN, etc., are much younger, tougher, and wiser than the “over the hill” Fox viewers. 

Goldberg cannot write a column without his contempt for conservatives coming through. His hatred of Trumpism seems to be based not on Trump being Trump, but on Trump exposing the faults of the neo-cons, their never-ending wars, their colossal failures at nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere and their bankrupt policies of globalism which would bring in a one-world totalitarian dictatorship and end America as a free nation. Surely The Times can find a competent columnist to occasionally counterbalance the shallow baloney put out by Goldberg.

Jimmy Echols