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Opinion: God will judge America for its bad behavior
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I’m exceedingly perplexed at things I read in the paper day to day — all the inhumanity that Americans are displaying toward one another every day.

America today is not the America I grew up in. It is perplexing, to say the least. What a profound change in our society. Crimes of every description are daily increasing by leaps and bounds! As a Christian, I remember my granddad, who was our pastor, telling us about things that the Bible said would one day come to pass in America and worldwide.

I imagined that the drastic changes, bizarre as they were, would be far in the future; not so! We are living them now. 

Even if one chooses not to accept Christian values, the word of God is still the chief source of teaching a system of acceptable morality, patience and wisdom in living with our fellow man.

Now, the nuts and godless loons in Washington have a system of mass murder for innocent babies whose only crime is being born! A woman should have certain rights to her body but not a right to pronounce a death sentence on innocent gifts of God. Only our creator has the authority to determine life or death — only our creator, no one else! 

These “butchers” in Planned Parenthood, the mothers and those elected who support this legislation from hell will one day stand before the almighty judge, Jesus, to face judgment. We see people freely living lifestyles and engaging in all types of lewd behavior while they thumb their noses at our creator!

As a Christian, I believe there is a real heaven, and I believe in a real hell. Our savior has commanded us to simply tell folks about him, not to convince them. The choice is ours to choose. If America doesn’t re-establish a belief in our creator ASAP, God will bring judgment on our nation that will be unimaginable! The hour is later than you think!

Mickey Montgomery


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