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Opinion: Gainesville’s redevelopment plans should include grocery
City View Center
An artist's portrayal shows retail and apartments planned for the 6.8-acre lot at the end of the pedestrian bridge over Jesse Jewell Parkway. Image courtesy Dynamik Design.

I applaud the plans to rejuvenate downtown Gainesville, and including residential areas is a brilliant idea. 

However, with the increased residential density, you need to add full grocery stores or small fresh food stores, i.e. green grocers, butcher shops, bakeries, etc., to the plans so that you do not create a food desert. 

Previous attempts to provide a grocery store to the midtown area have failed because the residential areas in midtown did not have sufficient population density to support them. 

The planned residential development will increase the need for nearby availability of healthy fresh food sources, ideally within walking distance. 

Restaurants do not count as fresh food vendors and cannot tailor their menus to the dietary needs and preferences of every individual and are more expensive than cooking at home.

Tamra Greeson-Schardl


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