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Opinion: Forever drive on McEver Road?
10132017 MCEVER 0001.jpg
Construction cones section off the intersection of McEver Road with Village Shoppes and McEvers Corners in Gainesville on Oct. 12, 2017. - photo by David Barnes

McEver Forever!

Uh, not that’s not a cheer. More like a statement of fact. The Times is doing great work reporting on all the development here in Hall County. You can see much of it driving on McEver Road. 

When we retired to Gainesville to be closer to our family in Suwanee, McEver became our “go-to” road to visit A nice trip along the tree-lined road — when there were trees. 

Now trees are being replaced with housing developments. “Homes from the 200s!” More and more it’s becoming “homes from the 300s!” Do I hear 400? 

Then there are all the warehouses — millions of square feet. What on earth are they storing in those places? 

Before I’m accused of being anti-development, I’m not. I’d just like to see the roads keep up. Oftentimes we come to a complete stop as someone ahead is turning left off McEver where there is no turn lane — 5-10 cars deep, do I hear 15? And getting stuck behind a cement truck sure slows down the trip. Those developments sure use a lot of cement. 

So we have a two-lane road surrounded by four-lane development — do I hear six? One has to ask, when will it take forever to get from here to there on McEver? 

Brian Olson