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Opinion: A few points of disagreement with one rambling letter
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I read Mr. Darracott’s Friday, Jan. 3, letter to the editor and am fully convinced that the educational system in this country is either irreparably broken or Mr. Darracott just didn’t pay attention in English class. 

His rambling was something you might find in first graders’ letters to Santa. 

I am not going to speculate why The Times elected to publish only five papers a week, but I am sure they have their reasons. And yes, I am a good redneck American gun-toting citizen and a veteran with 23 years service defending those who write rambling letters. However, I do not thump the Bible for fear the Lord may zap me. 

I do know Trump is not the anti-Christ because if he were he wouldn’t have done more to help this country and its citizens than the last 10 presidents combined. And, oh yes, Trump has done a lot for Israel too. I do shop at Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, Aldi’s and Dollar Tree. 

I resent Mr. Darracott insinuating people like me may tell lies. I don’t tell lies, I don’t play with marbles anymore either, but I can spit watermelon seeds quite a distance. I also don’t read the sports section as I am somewhat of a wimp at sports, but I do support the Bulldogs, Falcons and yeller jackets. 

However, I do want to say it is refreshing, if downright hilarious, to know we have citizens like Mr. Darracott who can write, however rambling.

Paul Barnes

Flowery Branch