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Opinion: Faithful must help our nation reclaim telling the truth

A recent poll showed that 85% of Americans felt our country was moving in the wrong direction. A subset of that supermajority who view the world through a spiritual lens, should recognize that we are at war. This is not a new battle. The apostle Paul addressed this combat nearly two millennia ago in his letter to the Ephesians (verses 6:10-18). The problems we see are the physical manifestations of the deeper spiritual conflict and the fact that they are troubling indicates the direction the battle is trending. It’s not looking good for the home team.

Civilization is maturely into the Information Age. The industry titans of the last century who made trains, planes and automobiles have given way to the information giants of Big Tech. Warrior sage Sun Tzu noted that all warfare is based on deception. Our enemy is the deceiving champion—the father of lies and we are now immersed in the Disinformation Age. A local university president astutely observed the impact on education, commenting that “from the beginning of civilization until about 2010, education was the acquisition of knowledge. Today, with Google and the Internet, the challenge is discerning what is true.” Learning and discerning are different skill sets — the latter more difficult to master. This is exacerbated by ambitious and powerful cultural influencers who are willing to sacrifice truth on the altar of progress in pursuit of their selfish agenda. The greatest shortage our nation faces today is not gas or baby formula; it’s integrity.

It’s time for all the faithful to suit up and show up. Pastor Andy Stanley tweeted that saving America is not the mission of the church. True, the church’s mission is to make disciples and had modest success in that endeavor been achieved these past threescore years, we would not be in this horrible state now. These are not mutually exclusive goals. It starts with truth. Following Christ is to follow Truth. Discerning truth is paramount. Seek truth and universally respond in love. Do everything in this “pay it forward/have others’ best interest at heart” love. To successfully navigate this Disinformation Age, one needs wisdom, and one finds wisdom at the intersection of truth and love. For there, one finds Christ. It’s a slow, decision-level “seek truth, respond in love” step-by-step process but it is the only way forward if we want to make disciples and save our beloved nation.

Tom McAllister