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Opinion: Failure to be responsible shouldn’t result in $100,000 settlement
Gainesville police car

I read with interestthe story on the front page of the June 17 edition whereby the city of Gainesville settled a lawsuit for $100,000 with a woman who was hit by a city of Gainesville police vehicle. 

According to the story, the plaintiff (the woman who was awarded $100,000 in her lawsuit against the city) was crossing a public right of way while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, was not in a legal crosswalk, and after dark at the time she was hit by a vehicle owned by the city of Gainesville. 

The plaintiff later plead guilty to criminal charges of being under the influence and not being in a legal crosswalk at the time she was struck, yet somehow was awarded $100,000 in the lawsuit settlement. 

What am I missing in the story to show this is not a gross miscarriage of justice due to her failure to exercise personal responsibility and misuse of scarce government resources?

Scotty Ball