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Opinion: Everyone deserves quality education

I toured the Hall County Correctional Institute on Tuesday night, April 19. Warden Walt Davis gave a PowerPoint presentation about the prison, its goals and its population.  

According to the Warden, every inmate is a felon. They are from all over the state, except those in the REACT program, who are from Hall County. 

The average age is 33 and up to 75% were convicted of drug felonies or gang activities. The average number being held is 193 with a maximum occupancy of 200.  

Why should we care?  

Based on screening tests given to the inmates, they have a sixth grade level education — 

193 felons, drugs, gangs, a sixth grade education. 

How could our education system be able to graduate nearly 100% of students and produce felons with a sixth grade education?

Our schools struggle to educate our children. Yet, some in our community would rather ban books than fully fund education. 

Book banning won't stop crime. It won't stop drugs. It won't help anyone.  

Giving everyone an opportunity for a quality, basic education would be cheaper than producing felons and crime. 

Michael W. Parker

Flowery Branch