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Opinion: Don’t politicize the vaccine. Just take it
07232021 COVID 2.jpg
A new case of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines from the deep freezer at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center. - photo by Scott Rogers

I’ve been a Republican all my life. I’m a Christian. I’m pro Second Amendment. I know the heartbreak of being a Dawg fan. I would imagine those characteristics would resonate with most of our community. 

Where I differ from most of our community is that I’m also fully vaccinated against COVID-19. If you’re part of the 74% of the community who is not, regardless of politics, I ask you to please be open minded to receiving it.

There is an avalanche of falsehoods out there about the vaccines submitted by crack-pot doctors, self-serving talking heads and right-wing internet trolls. If you’re reading this now and have that feeling to call me a “RINO” or a “sheep” go ahead and do it (I’ll be OK, promise), but please keep reading because this message is worth your time.

These vaccines are a modern miracle. Regardless of the poor information from those we are supposed to trust (looking at you CDC, FDA, the Biden administration), these vaccines are safe and they work. 

They — even with the delta variant — are strong enough to prevent infection in a lot of cases.  Where they’re even stronger is preventing severe disease and hospitalizations.  What they’re almost perfect at is preventing death.  Read that again. OK, one more time.

The shameful part of all of this is the politicization of these vaccines. They don’t have a party or belong to a single person. They weren’t made to hurt you. They also don’t alter your DNA or activate a microchip. They’re just here to save lives and destroy this virus. Call them Trump’s vaccines if you need to, because there is an argument that we have him to thank for them. In my mind though, they belong to good old-fashioned American ingenuity.

I was infected by COVID in February. I had mild respiratory symptoms and never struggled to breathe or was ever hospitalized. I’m blessed. I have a secret that I will share though; I’m still struggling with the outcomes of COVID. Six months after I tested positive, I still deal with vertigo and dizzy spells. I have never experienced any of those before, but I don’t let these ailments slow me down or make excuses for not working, living or raising my children. I’m lucky. Even post-infection I still took the vaccine because I want to continue to do the things I love and do what I can to never get this virus again.

For those skeptics out there, I understand your hesitation. I won’t judge you if you decide not to take it. I understand you’ve been lied to by the media, by those you thought you could trust. Trust this: talk with your doctor and make an informed decision. Consider your loved ones. Understand that our medical system is being strained and that 92% of the patients being treated in our hospital system for COVID are unvaccinated. Save a life. Save your life. Please consider taking the vaccine and we can argue politics later.

Clinton Massey