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Opinion: Domestic violence against women affects all humans, regardless of race
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Regarding the Jan. 18 letter decrying the absent voices of feminists, I offer this humble reply: 

Forgive me for strongly disagreeing with your remarks. Intimate partner violence is indeed a blight on our community. It is shamefully universal in its insidiousness. But it is completely false for you to imply that it is a problem common only to Black men. That is a horrible trope that wrongly perpetuates racial animus and leads to dehumanization of all Black people. It is so disappointing to see it and say nothing. 

So here's just a snapshot from the local jail roster today:

Of the 109 Black men in jail, only two are charged with a family violence act; that's 1.83%. Of the 376 White men in our jail, 17 are charged with FVA; that's 4.52%. 

Spend a little time down at the clerk's record room and you will see that no race is free of fault and none more culpable than any other when it comes to mistreating our mothers, wives, girlfriends and daughters. 

We are all the same. All human beings. You, me, everybody. Your life matters. Black lives matter. Women's lives matter, too! None of us is better than anybody else. So here are a few things we can all do together as a community to begin to eradicate violence against women: 

  1. Visit the website of the Gateway Domestic Violence Shelter,, right here in Gainesville and give till it hurts, because they are hurting. 
  2. Teach all our little boys to be feminists. Feminism just means that you believe that women deserve the same rights as everybody else. It's not left or right and it is not a controversial concept. 
  3. Lift up all our little girls to have the confidence to choose a feminist to share their life with, even if its just their own self. Or to put it another way, girls rule, boys drool! 
Most sincerely, from one proud feminist to another.

Arturo Corso