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Opinion: Doctor always worked to help his patients
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I’d like to thank Dr. Russell Richardson’s family for the beautiful obituary they posted after his passing. I believe he would have loved it as much as his patients. He so deserved it. 

Dr. Richardson had been my family doctor for 40 years. Not only mine, but my mother, cousins and sister’s family, and a lot of my friends. 

I’m not ashamed to say that we loved him. He was not only our doctor but also a very good friend, and also not ashamed to say that I cried and anyone I told cried also. 

My niece was in the hospital a week and her mother fired her doctor and got Dr. Richardson to care for her. He found out right away it was her heart — 21 years old and just had her first baby. He sent her to Emory in Atlanta in the middle of the night. That was 1977.  

They worked very hard to save her but had no idea what she had. We found out much later she had a new disease, only five in the world was known: cardiomyopathy, postpartum. But at least he got her help. 

And I have had six back surgeries among others. Every time I had an attack, he told me to see a surgeon. He knew he couldn’t help me, so he found someone who could. I can’t possibly say enough about his kindness. We loved him and have missed him since his illness. We will never forget him and look forward to seeing him again. 

Katie Allison 


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