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Opinion: Democrats lead people of color astray
02012018 LETTER

Have you ever watched rich, famous Black liberal extremists in the mainstream media or Democrat politicians tell people of color they are not successful because someone is holding them back?

Some woke liberal teachers teach hatred for White kids. In reality, some people of color do not do well because they believe them. 

Many in the liberal media are very successful because they are smart and heartless. They thrive on convincing people of color that they are victims. They, however, did not get where they are by believing their propaganda. Sadly, many liberal extremists do more harm than internet scammers.

Famous people of color like Ashley Bell, Stacey Abrams and Barack Obama prove our country provides the opportunity to do the best we are capable of doing. Most of us do not have the skill set to be as successful as they are. Our limitations, however, are our skill set and attitude rather than skin color. 

My company teaches our disabled residents to do the best they can and be proud. They seem a whole lot happier than the woke folks I see on the internet. 

Many people in the media preach hatred of the U.S., which provided them the opportunity to be rich and famous. The U.S. does have a number of stains on our reputation. So does every other country. To put it in perspective, in 1992 George Will said, "Most of all, America passes the critical gate test. Open the gate and see where people go — in or out." Check our border crisis and the answer is obvious. What are Democrats who hate our country missing? 

Democrat-Party-led California lost enough people to lose a representative in Congress after our last census. Republican-led Georgia gained a representative. I think that in general, many are leaving Democrat-led states and moving to Republican-led states because of their terrible policies.

A recent poll from the Wall Street Journal found that Hispanic voters are now split between Republicans and Democrats, with 37% for each and 22% undecided. Many of them left their country because of more extensive socialism. 

Socialism is not binary. All developed countries have some level of socialism. Some do well. Others are abject failures. The difference seems to be the honesty and ability of their leaders. Democrats control the White House and both houses of Congress. Does anybody still really believe they are honest or competent? I suspect we should replace our Democrat senators as quickly as we can.

We are fortunate that our newspaper posts opinions from liberals and conservatives. We can decide who is right.

Mike McConnell