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Opinion: Democrats are seeking complete control over you
Joe Biden

From the beginning of time, the strong’s desire is to have control over the masses. The following paragraphs will be examples of how this transformation of power takes place. What is occurring in our country is nothing new and usually ends in heartache for the people who unknowingly accept what is going on.

The Democratic Party has used many facets of our society to control, such as the LGBT movement to challenge traditional Western culture and heritage. They have pitted progressive Christians against traditional Christians such as the ruling body of the Christian churches being “woke” against more traditional congregations. This weakens Christianity and that is the goal of progressives, along with destroying the nuclear family, which enables them to weaken the nation, moving toward complete takeover.

Another prime ambition of the radical left is to cause as much havoc as possible and degrade the local police force with their intent of instituting a federal police force. A federal police force would be more apt to confiscate your weapons than would your local police forces, who are more in tune with their citizens than with the dictates of a fascist, dictatorial government. Their goal is to leave you defenseless.  (Is the act of Democrats’ hiring 87,000 armed IRS Agents part of the Democrats’ plan to gain power?)

The Democratic Party couldn’t care less about whether a woman kills her baby or not. What they care about is causing a divide between factions. Their whole game plan is divide and conquer — a trite saying, but totally appropriate for everything they attempt to do. They begin with mind control (COVID lockdowns, for example) and move toward more aggressive acts.

All of the above statements are loathsome; however, the Democratic Party’s support of elementary school teachers confusing young children about their gender is not only abominable, but evil. Let young people grow up normally before blasting them with difficult, life-time decisions. Again, this is an attempt to destroy our society by weakening our youth.

You may ask what is the point of presenting the above. My answer is this: The current administration’s desire is to have complete power over you in order to have complete control. No free speech. No freedom of religion. No say as to what your school teaches your children. In other words, you are to become a puppet of the state. That is not America; that is communist Russia, fascist Germany or any country controlled by a dictator or communism.

Patriots, now is the time to let your voices and votes be heard. Don’t let me be the only one with the intestinal fortitude to express the truth.

Jim Threlkeld