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Opinion: County should’ve gone electric on buses
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The Times article Propane Problems highlights the many issues the County faces fueling it’s new propane school buses. The real problem is choosing propane buses at all. 

The rest of the world is going rapidly to electric buses. In China already 17% of all municipal buses are electric and they are putting 340 new buses on the road every day (they no longer allow fossil fuel buses to be registered). Europe is following a similar path — 9% of buses are electric and they are growing at a rapid rate. India will purchase 10% of the world market for electric buses by 2025. 

The United States lags behind this trend with only .5% of electric buses on the road in 2017 but is catching up with 10% municipalities ordering electric buses in that year and more since then. It is estimated that municipal buses may be the first category of vehicles to convert to total electric in the not-too-distant future.

Electric buses are more expensive but the savings on fuel and maintenance more than offsets the cost over the long haul, not to mention the positive effect they will have on our environment. And they can be fueled almost anywhere.

I believe Hall County has missed the boat by purchasing these new propane buses, and I hope any future purchases of all county vehicles will be electric.

That is the future, we need to catch up.

Tom Vivelo

Flowery Branch

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