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Opinion: Coronavirus has taught us to use technology in faith
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For people of faith, the coronavirus has made many of us big believers in tech, too, and for some us, that’s a divine miracle. 

My husband – a retired minister – and I are Sunday school teachers. Our class wasn’t going to let a pandemic get in the way of our weekly fellowship together, so we’ve learned how to set up Zoom meetings as a way to continue the communal Bible study that’s so important to our lives.  

We’ve seen people watching churches on Facebook Live, and this summer there will kids using Google Hangouts and other platforms for Vacation Bible School.  

Though we’re still not back to “normal,” our desire to still practice our faith has inspired churches and their members to learn new tricks. We often believe that our country is losing its status at the world’s leader, but when it comes to technology, these tools we’re all using – largely for free – stem from American innovation.  

And as one nation under God, we’ve found a way to use it for worship. 

Paula Robinson 


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