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Opinion: Conservatives, stop with these lies

Open letter to conservative voters: I stand here in disbelief at the actions of the Republican National Committee since the last presidential election, particularly in my own state. I do not associate myself with any party but do vote on the conservative side most of the time. I consider myself a patriot, defender of the Constitution — you know, that document that starts off “We the People.” 

After the last election, I listened intently to the claims and reports of a rigged election and was outraged at the accusations made about rigged voting machines, missing ballots, purposeful miscounts. “The evidence,” they said, “will be revealed in 10 days”. 

No evidence ever appeared. The fact is, news outlets reporting voter fraud publicly apologized for being wrong. Three audited counts of Georgia’s ballots found nothing. Across the entire nation not a speck of credible evidence was brought forward. Then, on Jan. 6, the former president presides over a rally that quickly turns into a destructive, rioting mob that attacks and damages the Capitol building, and Trump remained silent. That is my Capitol building, and now I have become outraged again. 

The Republican Party is now punishing people for speaking the truth. Look at what has happened to Rep. Liz Cheney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger. Look at attacks recently on the former vice president, Mike Pence. 

"The truth is there's more at stake than our party or political fortunes," Pence said. "If we lose faith in the Constitution, we won't just lose elections. We lose our country."

My own representative, Andrew Clyde, claimed the attack on the Capitol was regular tour groups roaming the building, yet photos show him barricading the doors as a defense against the attacking mob. 

And now the Republican Party comes into Georgia with David Perdue claiming, “to win Georgia you’ve got to get more Republicans, you’ve got to win the suburbs … and you’ve got to win the Trump vote” — running against Brian Kemp, the one who kept Georgia running as economic third best in the nation during the pandemic, a purposeful punishment by Donald Trump that  will improve the chances of Stacey Abrams of being elected governor. 

Please voters, let us, We The People, show the Republican National Committee that we do not wear foil on our heads, and we are not afraid to say the emperor wears no clothes and send that comb-over clown and his assassins of the truth packing.

Mike Conway

Flowery Branch