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Opinion: This community should care more for its poor
11132019 HOTEL 4.jpg
The Gainesville Planning and Appeals Board holds a public comment Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019, on the proposed regulations in Gainesville would limit how long people can stay at hotels in the city and require hotels to keep detailed records of their guests and hand those over to the city upon request. - photo by Scott Rogers

I’m reading of the planning board meeting Tuesday night and would like to applaud the members of this community that went before the board on behalf of our homeless citizens.  

I believe it is good to know that people in this city are not as prejudiced to our homeless citizens as our government has appeared to be.  

There are many answers that other cities have implemented to offer assistance to the poor and downtrodden.  

A few years ago, I assisted a pregnant woman in getting off the streets when she found out she was pregnant and wanted to keep her baby. The Hall County Marshal's Office destroyed her tent — tore it to shreds and didn’t hesitate to let her know the marshals had destroyed it, according to a note they left her. They told her to move to Jefferson. 

I was completely ashamed to be a member of this community — a community run by short-sighted bigots who just reinforce the stereotypes others have about the South.  

Other cities have found wonderful ways to care for their poor. Gainesville/Hall County could as well with some love and compassion!

Rebecca P Burnette


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