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Opinion: This columnist and this letter writer got it wrong
02012018 LETTER

I would like to respond to a couple of pieces recently printed in The Times. 

The first was a column printed Nov. 21, written by Rudi Kiefer. Kiefer stated that gasoline prices were rising due to the increase in demand not as a consequence of anything the government is doing. He stated that the pandemic lockdown of 2020 caused the gas prices to drop due to the drastic decline of vehicle traffic. I totally disagree with this.

When Donald Trump took office in 2017 the gas prices started dropping and continued to drop to the lowest we had seen on years! The pandemic didn't start until the last year he was in office — coincedently, near election time when it became obvious the Democrats’ impeachment plan to oust President Trump was a failed attempt.

Secondly, a letter was written by Bruce Vandiver in October. Vandiver stated that Republicans under George W. Bush spent trillions of dollars on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but he failed to mention an important detail: This war was fought against terrorism. The American military was there because of the 9/11 attack on American soil that killed more than 2,000 innocent Americans.  

Vandiver also implied that the failed attempt and disaster in Afghanistan this year was largely President Trump's fault because he set a date to pull the troops out. Wrong — President Trump had a fool-proof plan that would not have resulted in the many deaths and billions of dollars in equipment left there, but Biden refused to use his plan as told by members of Congress and insisted on doing it his way. We see how that turned out. This disaster warranted impeachment but as usual was swept under the rug. We all know they would have hung Trump for this.

Vandiver commented that Republicans were racist and trying to take the voting rights away from minorities and the poor. Republicans and most Democrats want to ensure a legitimate, secure voting system by having picture ID and making sure every vote counts. Drop box voting in no way secures our elections and opens up numerous ways for cheating.

America is being deceived by our government in so many ways. We need to vote the corruption out and our vote needs to count — once! 

Faye Young