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Opinion: Christians must bypass national noise, division
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As we head into the end of the year and all that brings to us — family time, vacations, maybe some down time away from work — it is imperative that we consider where our country is and where we stand in relation to the national political landscape.

If we’re Republicans, we could easily sit across from Democrats and believe the very worst about them. Democrats, the national narrative goes, are socialist baby-killers who read fantasy novels and the Bible with the same amount of faith in their content. They also happen to think that the way Hitler and Stalin, were they alive in the 21st-century United States, would both spell their names is T-r-u-m-p.

If we’re Democrats, we could easily believe the very worst about the Republicans in our lives. Republicans, the national narrative goes, are backward, women-hating religious zealots who love a president that could not possibly have anything to do with any leader the founders may have envisioned when they stole this country from those who already lived here.

But if we’re Christians, we get to bypass all of the national noise and speak a better word. 

We can feel the confidence of being surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses and testify to the glory of our great God and savior Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas. We can love our neighbors as ourselves, secure in our consideration of him who endured from sinners hostility against himself, and not grow fainthearted in our striving for peace with everyone. We can make every effort to ensure that no one fails to receive the grace from us that we have received from God in Christ Jesus.

You could stick to the party line and resent your neighbor, your family member, your spouse.

But you can’t do that and call yourself a Christian who walks in the peace of those with whom he is pleased. 

In the next couple of weeks, let us all, Christians especially, take stock of where we stand: the “correct” side of the aisle or on our own road to Emmaus.

Adam Johnson