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Opinion: Carbon dividend bill isn’t the answer to climate change

Vernon Dixon’s first paragraph in his Feb. 1 letter to the editor on the carbon dividend bill, HR 763, does a great job in describing the manner in which any government bill should be developed. However, several of his statements fall far outside the boundary of following such a description.

“97% of climate change experts say it is desperately needed.” 

There is no such consensus among climatologists on global warming or any aspect of climate change. 

“Our own experiences of worsening storms, droughts, and wildfires confirms it.” 

Historical charts of such events do not validate this statement. Just because some of these events have occurred locally over a relatively short period of time has nothing to do with overall climate change. 

“National polls have found that nearly 70% of Republicans believe climate change is real and 56% of them say the United States has to take ‘aggressive’ action.” 

If you want to cherry pick, there is a poll somewhere that will say what you want it to. Wonder which this one is? 

“the companies that cause the damage from climate change” 

There may be some local temporary cooling or heating periods, but there is a great number of scientific deniers who feel that man’s input to such change is insignificant. I read one poll of 12,000 such deniers. 

“It will also save countless thousands of American lives each year.” 

This is nothing more than a feel good statement that has no basis for truth or scientific knowledge. If anything, more people are likely to die from lack of heating materials such as wood, coal and oil than from production of greenhouse gases if the  government limits their use. 

“There is an exemption for farmers and the military, and there is a 10-year freeze on government regulation” 

If this legislation is so critical, how do you justify such exemptions? 

“There is also a border adjustment that would not cause it to hurt American businesses” 

Is this justification for more illegal immigration? 

The free market is what is currently working, and allowing the government to enact this bill will do anything but favor the taxpayer.

Monte E. Seehorn