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Opinion: Butch Miller’s letter sent just for votes
04292022 BUTCH .jpg
Sen. Butch Miller greets friends during an April 19, 2022, fundraising event for his lieutenant governor campaign at Atlanta Athletic Club in Johns Creek. - photo by Conner Evans

I know for certain that I am not the only Hall County resident that has just received a personal letter from our state senator, Butch Miller. 

This is not the usual political mailing that I have been receiving for the past two months. Almost all of them say “vote for me ‘cause I can fix that mess in Georgia or Washington or Ukraine.” Miller’s letter is not this at all.  

It comes in a business-style envelope, with “The State Senate” as a return address, with Miller’s name and position proudly embossed on it. For postage, it has a 50 cent forever stamp, not the presorted, bulk mailing, 10 cent stamp that I usually see on political mailings. The one page letter inside is on state of Georgia water-marked paper; it is a quality letter.  

The text is even more slick. Miller talks about his history in Gainesville and his service as a senator. Paragraph 2 talks about all the swell things he has done for Hall County and the state. Paragraph 3 talks about voting for his replacement in the Senate, ‘cause Butch is running for lieutenant governor. 

He does warn us to search for our voting district because he and his Republican buddies in the state house have gerrymandered the hell out of the previous voting districts. This effort, he did not mention, was to reduce the number of Democratic representatives in the federal government.  

Paragraph 4 is the only reason Butch wants to spend taxpayer money on this mailing. He wants to now serve us as the lieutenant governor and he needs my vote. 

I’ll bet Butch Miller a hamburger meal at the Collegiate Grill that this blatantly political letter was printed and mailed at taxpayer expense. Miller’s campaign fund should reimburse the state for the cost of the mailing, and he should apologize for the misuse of state government resources.

Howard Stacy


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