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Opinion: Business, nonprofit, community leaders should work together toward affordable housing solutions
06082018 HABITAT 1.jpg
Copper Glen is a Habitat for Humanity of Hall County community off Baker Road. - photo by Scott Rogers

I understand a number of voices are suggesting more ways to make affordable housing available to a number of our friends and neighbors in Gainesville and Hall County, and I applaud the concern.

Having served the last two years in a local church assisting a number of residents of our area who are in need, I have observed many, many of our community in severe lack of a decent place to live. Of course, we know the great support Habitat for Humanity and other organizations have made available to assist some of our community’s needy families. But more needs to be done, in my opinion.

The observation has been made that a number of homes are under construction for $200,000 and up. Some in our community are saying homes should be constructed at $145,000. However, it is my observation that some of our neighbors and friends could not begin to pay that much for a house.

Could some of our community’s finest leaders begin to work a plan to make other housing affordable at lower prices? Could some of our sterling business leaders be a part of that plan? How about more of our loving, caring churches and their leaders being involved, too? And maybe a number of the needy themselves could be engaged in an affordable housing campaign?

I have been a minister in other parts of the Southeast over the last number of years, but I am a Hall County native. I think some of the world’s finest people live in our community. I hope and pray that some of these wonderful persons will step forward and lead us all to be a blessing to our needy neighbors and friends.

Ron Grizzle

Flowery Branch