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Opinion: Brian Kemp’s COVID-19 decisions put Georgians in danger
Kemp press conference
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp speaks during a news conference April 1, 2020, at Liberty Plaza across the street from the Georgia state Capitol building in downtown Atlanta. - photo by Alyssa Pointer | Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

On May 14, 2020, the number of deaths in Georgia due to COVID-19 was 1,527. That number has now risen to more than 2,400. How much has the economy of Georgia improved at the expense of those deaths? 

Including the families of those people, nearly 12,000 Georgians will experience long-term emotional devastation due to Gov. Kemp's poor decisions.

The governor's agricultural background and education should help him understand the biology behind viruses. Either he didn't learn what he needed or he has forgotten. 

In this crisis situation he appears ill-equipped to protect Georgians. He is putting families throughout our state in jeopardy. He must remove political considerations from his decision-making process or resign before he causes more harm.

Frank Lock


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