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Opinion: Biden’s policies are hurting America
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I don’t like either party. Both parties spend too much money and that debt will be on the backs of our young. I am a conservative so I normally vote Republican.

One of Joe Biden’s first actions was to cancel the Keystone pipeline and reduce drilling on U.S. public land. That cost union jobs that Democrats claim to support and our energy independence. Virtually everything we buy is shipped using fossil fuel — so are supplies used to make most everything. An increase in fossil fuel increases the cost of virtually everything. Inflation in food hurts, especially, poor people.

Biden has since asked OPEC to pump more oil. All he did was move production at a tremendous cost to the U.S. Emissions affect CO2 output — not where it is produced.

Biden created a crisis on the border by canceling Trump border policy. Our current border mess is inhumane and unsustainable. A wall on the border is not inhumane. Cages are inhumane. I would love to hear someone who locks their door at night explain where I am wrong.

When Trump said he was going to fast track a vaccine for COVID, Biden and Kamala Harris indicated they would not take it. Now they are begging people to take it. They, nor the mainstream media, have given Trump any credit for removing roadblocks to fast track development. There were issues in implementation, but if you look at the border and Afghanistan, I suspect Biden/Harris would have done much worse in the beginning.

Trump indicated he was going to remove troops in Afghanistan, and he did draw them down to 2,500 troops. He did not remove all because he did not feel the Afghans were ready to take over without our air support and intelligence. With our support, Afghans were pretty much in control. Biden’s fatal error was removing U.S. support before evacuating U.S. citizens and our supporters. Now the Taliban controls Afghanistan and he has to beg terrorists to get our people out. There are no good choices now.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff are trying to spend all the money they can buying votes. That causes inflation, and our young will have to repay the debt. Businessmen are having problems hiring people because too many people are paid too much to not work.

Democrat leaders allowed BLM and Antifa to burn down parts of cities while the mainstream media applauded. They destroyed Black-owned businesses and jobs of Black people. 

Corruption in politics is expected. The media is supposed to expose corruption. Sadly, the mainstream media is complicit in Democrat corruption. Thomas Sowell predicted that the U.S. may not be able to survive a Biden presidency. Sadly, it appears Biden and fellow Democrats are doing their best to prove Sowell was correct. 

Mike McConnell