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Opinion: Biden’s many errors and flaws
Joe Biden
President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

An open letter to the president:

Mr. President,

Your protectors won’t dare show you this letter, but perhaps a disillusioned White House aide will read my thoughts and experience an “aha” moment: “I’m working for a weak, tone-deaf, gaffe-prone incompetent who routinely embarrasses America. Let’s see, what else could go wrong?”

  • Southern border disaster. Kamala Harris, your clueless vice president, is seeking the “root causes” for this unprecedented invasion. Newsflash: it’s you! Nearly 2 million illegal immigrants have rushed to the Rio Grande since you became president in January.
  • Afghanistan debacle. Thirteen Americans died during this botched evacuation. You vowed that no American citizens would be stranded in Kabul. Big lie.  
  • Massive spending. Your infrastructure and “Build Back Better” bills are in the trillions and overloaded with “Green New Deal” nonsense.
  • Inflation. It’s at a 30-year high and soaring — a sneaky, stifling tax that generates higher  costs for everyone.
  • Supply line crisis. Hundreds of ships are waiting offshore to unload their cargoes in California and you make a pitiful photo op speech in Baltimore.
  • Pandemic problems. You promised to end this plague. According to John Hopkins University, more Americans have died from COVID-19 in 2021 than 2020.
  • Hunter: Your son capitalized on the Biden name through his shady dealings with foreign nations and you’ve benefited financially. The biased media ignores this influence-peddling story but would attack relentlessly if it was a Trump son.
  • Socialism. You claimed to be a unifying moderate during your presidential campaign. Another big lie. You and the Democrats were hijacked by the socialists.
  • Climate change hysteria. This is making certain elitists rich and needlessly annoying most everyone else.
  • “Woke” culture. These agitators are tearing our nation apart and you’re all in. Time to wake up, Sleepy Joe. Oops, we noticed you dozing during the recent G20 summit.
  • Critical race theory. This evil ideology, disguised as “racial reconciliation” and “social justice,” has crept into some American institutions and you support it.
  • Abortion-on-demand. If you’re really a devout Catholic, why are you pro-death?
  • Employment problems. It’s idiotic to pay able-bodied people to stay home.
  • Energy dependence. America was energy independent under President Trump. Your dumb decisions have made America energy dependent and gas prices are escalating.
  • Crime wave. Murders, rapes, burglaries and assaults are rampant in Democrat-controlled cities and you’re silent.
  • Poll plummeting. Your approval rating is vanishing faster than an antelope being devoured by a pack of hungry hyenas. Meanwhile, you’re oblivious to the carnage.

In your haste to undo the many positive accomplishments of the Trump presidency, you’ve inflicted more damage upon America in 10 months than President Barack Obama did in eight years — and that’s saying something. If you make it through this term, it’s mind-boggling to think what other woes will torment our nation.

Lastly, it’s cowardly and inexcusable to refuse to answer the media’s questions. Do us a favor and move permanently to Delaware. You’re there more than D.C. anyway, so it would be an easy transition.

Dick Biggs