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Opinion: America is on the right track
07012018 FLAG 07.jpg

Just in the last three weeks, this has been the good news in America:

• Inflation is down by .6%; wages are up by 5.2%

• The GDP rose and the supply chain is moving again

• 528,000 jobs were created in July

• Gas prices have dropped by more than $1 since June

• The stock market is over 33,000

All this happened after the devastating recession which began in 2020 during the pandemic. I will not blame anyone for that, as the pandemic was catastrophic. But President Joe Biden came into office with unemployment sky high, a deep recession, and thousands of people dying daily from COVID. But under his leadership, we are coming back — not just in America but around the world!

Trump’s signature bill in 2017 — the supposed tax cut for all — cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations, not for low-income or middle-class Americans. But since Biden has become president, Democrats have:

• rebuilt the economy after the pandemic with the American Rescue Plan

• passed the chips bill investing in technology and science,

• expanded the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to stand against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

• pulled troops out of Afghanistan,

• passed the first gun safety law in almost 30 years,

• addressed the needs of veterans exposed to toxic burn pits,

• invested in our roads, bridges, and manufacturing with the infrastructure bill

• re-upped the Violence Against Women Act

• appointed the first Black female Supreme Court Judge

• passed the Inflation Reduction Act which will finally address climate change, lower the deficit, and cut prescription drug prices!

• made an agreement with Mexico that they will help pay for border issues.

There is much more, but our space is limited!! Democrats have shown Americans that democracy may be messy and slow, but it is much better than the global drive toward authoritarianism and fascism.

Bette Holland