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Opinion: America offers opportunity to all

President Obama said “you didn’t build that” in reference to people’s businesses. The U.S. provides the infrastructure and freedom that allows people to “build that.”  

Still, 80% of small businesses go out of business in the first five years.  The opportunity is there but anyone who succeeds does “build that.”  

Oprah was born about 80 miles from where I grew up in Mississippi. We did not have an indoor toilet, A/C or even insulation in our house until I was 12. The heat was turned off at night because of the cost.   

Oprah had it worse. She is now a multi-billionaire. Yet, she criticizes me for my white privilege.  

Our country offered both of us the opportunity to be billionaires. Oprah had the privilege of being smart enough to make it happen. I am proud for her. I am glad we live in a country in which that is possible.  

Malcolm X said the white liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the black man.  The DNC is mostly run by white liberals. Malcolm X might be right.  

I was a Democrat for years. I walked away. I want our country to continue to have opportunity for all,  just as it did for Oprah. 

Mike McConnell 


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