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Opinion: 4 ways our community is deteriorating
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Jesse Jewell Parkway is photographed from a plane in Gainesville on Thursday, June 27, 2019. - photo by Austin Steele

There is an old, well-proven axiom that states, "It is those times where and when good men do not step forward that bad things prevail.” Being that I am a 50-year-plus resident of Hall County, a retired military combat veteran and hopefully considered to be a good man, I feel I have both the right and responsibility to share some thoughts and concerns regarding a continually deteriorating state in some affairs in our community over the past five years in regard to the following:

  1. Trash and roadside litter: It has been, on numerous occasions, the stated opinion of many of my visiting guests to our county and my own observation that, due to either an indifference fostered by the now adopted "gated community living" concept or lack of attention and support of our duly appointed code enforcement officials, our community has taken on the unsightly appearance of that of a Third World country.

  2. Noise ordinance controls and enforcement: For anyone living in our community and not being appalled about the constant daily and nightly barrage of nerve-shattering hip-hop loud bass and many times pure filth blaring and accompanied by indecent words in an unchecked manner and showing no concern, I say, shame on you!

  3. SPLOST: In the pursuit of life, we were, at one time, schooled in understanding that there are things that fall into the realm of absolute needs and that of the other genre of acquisition of really unnecessary things. I rather see SPLOST as being in the latter category. It has, in my humble opinion, seemingly become a beast with an insatiable appetite for the somewhat frivolous pursuit of project expenditures — projects where no SPLOST funding is permitted for operational and maintenance cost, which inevitably has to be borne by other tax monies already budgeted and earmarked in support of current operational budgets. Duh!

  4. Speeding in and through residential areas: In an age of intersection and street cameras and economical remote digital cameras, it is a true shame that this technology isn't accessed to provide local law enforcement officials with off-site patrol infraction monitoring and timely offender prosecution. A manpower enhancer? Duh. Once again, I'd say so.

William Little


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