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Letter: Eatery, its owner and staff have earned respect from customers
09132017 LITTLEITALY 0002.jpg
Little Italy Pizzeria in Gainesville closed in early August 2018. - photo by David Barnes

I was saddened when I heard from several community members about the recent inspection at Little Italy. Their consensus was that the restaurant, which had been around for 15 years, was the target of an unfair inspection. I have grown to respect this community and enjoy several local pizzerias, including Little Italy. I have never seen anything to create suspicion with the food products or feel uncomfortable with the eatery. It is clean and pleasant, and the people are friendly.

I also have tremendous respect for Little Italy’s owner, Ben, and his commitment to this community. It is my understanding that for a little more than two years, he has let a local church meet there on Sunday mornings until they recently outgrew the building. He has the respect of countless folks in Gainesville and surrounding area.

It is difficult to understand why a restaurant would fail an inspection when the ratings for the past 15 years have never been lower than 88, most in the 90s. I wonder what an independent inspection rating would be? What I do know is integrity, honest service and excellent food will pay off in the long run. Ben and Little Italy be blessed.

Elisabeth Clement


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