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Letter: Don’t accept the fact that Roundup is in our food
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Andrew Linker, land steward at Humble Vine Farm, touches a row of lettuce during a tour of his farm in Cleveland, on Oct. 31, 2017. Linker aims to minimize environmental impact by utilizing composting and natural alternatives to various chemicals. - photo by David Barnes

So now we have to worry about some silly fact that there is Roundup in foods! Just tell me why?  Is it the government trying to get rid of people? Probably so. 

We are sort of living in a country that is supposed to be safe and wonderful and free. Guess what? It’s not any of those.

There is no reason there should be any of that in our food. 

So we are expected to sit back and trust what’s being done to us? I don’t have the patience for being passive like many are. If there is a lawsuit, what’s taking so long? Must be the judge.  They are very slow. 

I’m going to return my poisoned items back to the store and just drop it on the floor. If citizens would fight back, then we wouldn’t have stuff like this to live with. 

Roundup in our food — that is a crime and that company should be closed down or put down.  America seems to accept anything. 

Carol Singleton


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