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Letter: Device to convert weapon into a killing machine deserves ban
A “bump” stock is pictured with a disassembled .22-caliber rifle at North Raleigh Guns in Raleigh, N.C. (Allen Breed, File) - photo by Associated Press

The country continues a debate on guns and one group continues to say that new laws are not the answer. Looking at the Las Vegas shooting, we know one law that would have made a difference and it has been proposed. That law would ban the “bump fire” stocks and other mechanisms which allow a “semi-auto” to be converted to a “full auto.”

How does this help? The shooter fired every shot in a space of 11 minutes. How far could 20,000 run in 11 minutes? How many had a chance to even hide in 11 minutes. 

We don’t know how many shots were fired to hurt nearly 600 people. But lowering the rate of fire gives the crowd more time to disperse, the police more time to respond and, in this case, would have reduced the carnage. 

A second law concerning magazine size and quick loading lowers the Vegas carnage. There’s no reason for selling a magazine that holds 100 bullets and can be replaced with one hand. 

In this case, the shooter had more than 10 guns. Making him switch guns, reload more often and making the reload process slower would reduces the number of shots fired in 11 minutes and reduce the carnage.

For those in this debate who want to own a gun for the hunting and taking of meat or trophies, it’s time for you to lead the way in taking humans off the list of meat and trophies.

Michael W. Parker

Flowery Branch

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